Your program
for your personal success

For instructors
Upskill your core subject expertise with fundamentals of media, digitzation and innovative use cases 

For families
Learning together the essentials and consequences of media and digitization to stay up to date

For long life learners
Getting to know new technologies, competence build and the impact on your daily life and career 

You are

  • curious 
  • hungry to know more
  • ready to get to know & learn further
  • being independent from learning places
  • maybe a startup or entrepreneur one day
  • looking for the job with fun factor and growth potential
  • tired of transfoming endless videos into material you work & learn with

Who we are

You are home here

  • We are your wisdom doctors. 
  • We dedicate our 50+ years of coaching, consulting, learning, growing to you. 
  • We have the recipes. 
  • We have a proven track record why we do what we do & what we offer to you. 
  • We like you to learn and apply with fun.
  • We speak Deutsch, Schwyzerdütsch, English, Spanish. 
  • We offer how-to Green Deal, CSR for Mittelstand, Virtual Reality, Digitization, IoT, SAP, S4HANA, Industrie Solutions, Change Management, Services and Blockchain, AI for new jobs, and many more. 
  • We speak Lehrplan21 for our Swiss and German speaking learners. 
  • We speak startup for our entrepreneurs that look for business case designs. 
  • We work with passion for learners and instructors - everyone may - there are no limits - learning is ageless. 
  • wisdom doctors are Made in Switzerland.

How it works

  1. Select your course or program.
  2. You pay for the content such as text material, canvas sheets and exercises.
  3. 1x a month we offer a free online webinar for all participants.
  4. We accept credit cards and paypal.
  5. We offer invoice payments for institutions - we created a separated booking class called "Select Class and Invoice Us" - also useful if you like to negotiate a bulkd training.
  6. You receive the material for your personal competence build progress.
  7. In case you subscribed to a program like digitalCOACHING, you select free of choice among the offered program content and courses driven by your taste, focus areas, needs and interests in your job and learning environment. 
  8. You are granted access to the material over a period of 6 months - except the subscription terms that differ based on the subscription period.

Build your resilience muscle through well selected engaging, enjoyable, experimental courses.
Become an early adopter with access to 30+ years of expertise in personal & organizational change.

Kids, grown ups and teams have their own pace. We respect your pace and offer you specific, very unique setups. Start from where you are.
We support you to arrive where you like to be.

Grow with confidence. We suppport you with our utmost experience in teaching, coaching, teaming. Gain flexibility to enhance and engage with us at any time from any device at your convenience.