born in 2019 - raised since 1999

We built our future to help you shaping your future.

  • We are your wisdom doctors. 
  • We dedicate our 50+ years of coaching, consulting, learning, growing to you. 
  • We tested and designed the recipes. 
  • We have a proven track record why we do what we do & what we offer to you. 
  • We like you to learn and apply. 
  • We speak Deutsch, Schwitzerdütsch, English, Spanish. 
  • We speak Green Deal, CSR for Mittelstand, Virtual Reality, Digitization, IoT, Change and Services and Instructors' languages and many more. 
  • We speak startup for our entrepreneurs that look for business case designs.
  • We apply Lehrplan21 for our Swiss and German speaking teaching community. 

The wisdom doctors program
Let it shine as it brings color in your learning success


The kompetenzUNIVERSUM is your baseline and evaluation schema to evaluate the learning progress of digital natives and students.
Our criteria, hints, and exercises help to measure competence build through content, tools, and projects in media + digitization.

ideal for you

You are looking for a measurement tool to train your and your groups' application competences.
You like to move away from the typical "number counts" to evaluate the progress of your scholars and students, project members and teams.
You want to build a diverse and inclusive team.

digitalCOACHING - subscription bundle 

The digitalCOACHING Compact Course is driven by your context. Up to 21 mini episodes cover your topic and research field.
Being new food, tech, negotiation, maths or many others.
Make it yours and see what media + digitization has for you, to become a digitalCOACHING Champion.

ideal for you

You are a teaching institution.
You look for a curriculum that is uptodate, trend and topic oriented in the field of media + digitization.
You like to enhance the training and instruction work for your instructors and mentors.
You like to vary the lectures with top of the heat topics like blockchain for food chain, AI and history and many others.
You like to benefit from the "subscribe-for-all".

wisdomBITE - digitalCOACHING bite by bite 

The wisdomBITES are ideal for you, your level of interest & speed.
Prepare your instruction material, enhance your teaching class, read into facts, trends, and tools behind media + digitization.
So that you keep up your learning curve, stay ahead of the overwhelming mass of content. Learn & teach again with fun.

ideal for you

You are self-learner with a dedicated amount of time to learn.
You like to chose the subject and focus on it.
You are a teacher and like to prepare the class upfront in the utmost easy manner.
You are a project manager and like to get instant to use help and use cases.

Dare2Share - your competences deserve an audience

The 8-element wide program guides you through the present and future job markets and help you identify your core competences. It introduces the world of digitization and enhances your skills.
You will be mastering the course with your own ready-to-share book.

ideal for you

You are a self-paced learner.
You like to add your focus areas and interests to the course - and yes that is possible through Dr. Barbara's unique program setup and tool.
You feel comportable in stepping out of your comfort zone.
You like to let the world know how competent you are.
You like design and enjoy a creative environment and tool use.

1999 - 2006 Expertise Build

1000+ project days in digitization, teaching, learning and change management environments. Fun at work for individuals and teams.

2006 - 2018 Field & Research

We work with scholars, students, instructors and researchers. We work with executives & managers. We see your future ahead of time.

2018 - 2021 Curriculum Design

Intense work with experts, students and scholars, organizations from private and public sectors. Role model based learning is our focus.

2021 - wisdom doctors Kicks-off

You benefit from the first minute on from our curriculum, the offerings. Like South African, Serbian, Swiss and German individuals do.

Born in 2021 - Raised since 1999.

Build your resilience muscle through well selected engaging, enjoyable, experimental courses.
Become an early adopter with access to 30+ years of expertise in personal & organizational change.

Kids, grown ups and teams have their own pace. We respect your pace and offer you specific, very unique setups. Start from where you are.
We support you to arrive where you like to be.

Grow with confidence. We suppport you with our utmost experience in teaching, coaching, teaming. Gain flexibility to enhance and engage with us at any time from any device at your convenience.